Poudre School District delegating human resources tasks after placing director on paid leave

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Poudre School District has set up a plan for delegating human resources duties after placing their HR director on leave following a series of 7NEWS investigations.

The district would not say why Executive Director of Human Resources Chuck DeWayne was placed on paid-administrative leave, but the move followed our reports about his membership in a direct-sales organization called Organo Gold. 7NEWS first exposed DeWayne's business plan, sent on his district email account, which outlined his plans to leverage his position within the district to personally profit through that business.

7NEWS also spoke with a school district employee about the business. She came forward after our first report about DeWayne and said another supervisor had invited her to attend an off-campus pitch for Organo Gold.

In DeWayne's place, the district superintendent, two assistant superintendents and three human resources managers will divide his duties. They will share the handling of human resources issues on a case-by-case basis.

Todd Lambert, the assistant superintendent of elementary schools, will oversee issues from elementary  campuses. Human resources concerns and tasks related to secondary schools in the district will be directed to assistant superintendent, Edie Eckles.

DeWayne is still being paid while he is on leave.

"[Administrative leave] does not provide answers to the public that has been asking for answers, wondering why our school system, which we cherish, which we fund with an enormous amount of money, has been used by top executives for their own commercial gain. It doesn't answer those questions. And until those questions are answered, the public is really not going to be satisfied," parent Eric Sutherland said Tuesday night.

In a similar but unrelated situation, the district has placed Traut Core Knowledge School Principal Mark Wertheimer on paid administrative leave. The district says it is not connected to the reason DeWayne was put on leave.

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