Pot dispensaries step up security after break-ins

Denver Police investigate 7 burglaries in 11 days

Pot dispensaries in Denver are increasing security after numerous break-ins, but the thieves didn't get away with much.
Surveillance video from The Green Solution, near South Federal Boulevard and Alameda Avenue, shows a masked burglar using a crow bar to break in. The thief can be seen wearing a mask and carrying a weapon in his waistband.
"This isn't his first time to break into a store," said Nick Speidell, the head off security at the dispensary. "He basically got away with our change, but everything else was locked away."
Denver Police Chief Robert White told city council Monday there had been seven pot shops burglarized in the first 11 days of 2014.
“Those numbers are relatively consistent with the number of burglaries we have in those businesses throughout the year,” said White.

Speidell said they have since upgraded their security system, and they are not alone.

At The Green Depot, owner Matt Budear is stepping up security after a burglar drove a car through the garage door and made off with a few grams of marijuana.

“Thieves hear that large amounts of cash are on hand, but unless you want to get into a safe or vault, it’s not available,” said Budear.

Dispensaries are required by law to lock up their cash and their marijuana, and security is also highly regulated.

“We are required to have cameras,” said Speidell. “Hopefully thieves will realize we’re not easy targets and look somewhere else. Nine out of 10 times, they fail at dispensaries.”


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