Pot activists give out free joints in Denver to protest proposed taxes on recreational marijuana

DENVER - Dozens of people lined up to get a free joint during a protest over taxing recreational marijuana at Denver's Civic Center Park Monday.

Organizers upset about the proposed 30 percent tax on recreational marijuana are calling the event the formal launch of their "No on Proposition AA" campaign.

Amendment 64 legalized the use of recreational marijuana in private for those 21 and over.

But critics are upset state and local governments want to tax marijuana at a much higher rate than alcohol.

"Marijuana was supposed to be taxed and regulated like alcohol, not tobacco," a press release from organizers states.

Giving out free marijuana to adults 21 and over is legal, but public consumption is not. Organizers were checking IDs and encouraging people not to light up in public, said 7NEWS Reporter Tyler Lopez.

The protest began at 11 a.m. in the Greek Amphitheatre and organizers said they had between 400 and 600 joints to hand out.

Officers from the Denver Police Department were there to make sure the event remained under control.

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