Porta-potty peeper Luke Chrisco pleads guilty

BOULDER, Colo. - The man who admitted to 7NEWS that he hid in a portable toilet to spy on women has pleaded guilty.

In a plea agreement, Luke Chrisco pleaded guilty Tuesday to burglary and attempted unlawful sexual contact in exchange for prosecutors dropping other burglary charges and a misdemeanor count of criminal invasion, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

In June 2011, two women said she saw a man in a portable toilet tank at a yoga festival in Boulder. Minutes later, other witnesses said they saw a man covered in feces run from the portable toilet.

Chrisco told 7NEWS in a jailhouse interview that he was the one in the toilet, but he wasn't dangerous.

"Just to look and not touch,” Chrisco said of his actions.

He said he used a tent to shield himself from prying eyes.

"I was covered up with the tent. I didn't think anybody could see me,” he said.

Chrisco told 7NEWS, this was not his first try at spying and that bathrooms in Boulder became a prime spot.

"I was just basically trying to drill holes from the men'’s side over to the women'’s side and you know, find my million dollar view to heaven," he said. "I was doing it more out of a general spiritual desire to experience divinity and just find what I consider to be powerful experiences."

Chrisco told police that he hid in crawl spaces and bathrooms at the University of Colorado, the Boulder Department of Motor Vehicles and numerous businesses in Boulder for the same reason.

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