Police think sex offender stole underwear, bike, makeup; Boulder PD looking for more victims

Eugene Felix Martinez had escaped from custody

BOULDER, Colo. - The Boulder Police Department is asking the public if they've been ripped off and didn't report it.

That's because officers arrested an escaped sex offender with a number of items that were likely stolen.

Eugene Felix Martinez, 48, was arrested earlier this month in connection with a sex assault on Marine Street on Oct. 19, police said.

Investigators said they tracked Martinez to a known transient camp and arrested him within one hour of receiving the report of the sex assault.

At the camp, officers found underwear, jewelry, a bicycle, makeup, computer equipment, keys, sheets of music and other items.

“We don’t know who those belong to. They haven’t been reported missing,” said Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel. "When we found him, we taped off the camp and recovered all those items and more. Martinez tried running from police while barefoot. We caught him as he tried to escape under a fence."

Boulder police said Martinez has been linked to one other sexual assault and two burglaries. However, they think he may have assaulted and/or burglarized other victims who have not come forward.

Police are asking the public to take a look at photos of the items and to notify investigators if they recognize any of the items. See the items in the slideshow above or on the Boulder Police Department's website: http://ch7ne.ws/17vxyx4

If you recognize any item, contact Detective Jeremy Frenzen at 303-441-1890.

Martinez escaped from Denver police custody on Oct. 9 by slipping out of his handcuffs while handcuffed to a bench at Denver Police headquarters. He is accused of committing new sexual assaults on Oct. 19 and is being investigated for another that occurred on Oct. 12.

"He was 10 feet away from me. I’m just so grateful that nothing happened to me,” said one of the students in an interview with 7NEWS.

Police caught Martinez by tracking a cell phone he stole from the students.

“He basically went on a spree when he escaped from Denver,” said Kobel.

Kobel said Martinez refused to cooperate once he was in custody, not even giving officers his name.

"We had to identify him by taking his fingerprints and sending them to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and having their analyst compare the prints to the escaped convict in Denver," she said.

Martinez has already served 16 years in prison for sexual assault on a child among a laundry list of other convictions. The assault on the child happened in Pueblo in the 1990's.

Now that he’s back in jail, Boulder police are hoping the victim’s who lost the items that have not been claimed, come forward so they can tie him to as many crimes as possible.

"He's in jail where he belongs," said Kobel. "These items haven’t been reported missing. So, we don’t know if they are part of an unreported burglary case, or if it’s worse and there are potential assault victims out there who have not called us to let us know what happened to them. We're really worried about other possible victims."

Martinez is being held in the Boulder county jail on $3 million bond.

Boulder police want victims to know they can report Martinez anonymously if they are more comfortable with that. The anonymous tip line is 303-441-1974.

"It's never too late," said Kobel. "Sometimes sex assault victims don’t want to come forward. It’s understandable. It can retraumatize someone."

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