Homeowner shoots juvenile burglary suspect inside home in northeast Denver, police say

Juvenile male has non-life-threatening injuries

DENVER - Denver police say a man shot a juvenile burglary suspect inside his home in northeast Denver on Tuesday afternoon.

The shooting happened about 2:30 p.m.in the 4900 block of Fontana Court, near North Chambers Road and East 46th Avenue.

Police say the juvenile male suspect is in custody with non-life-threatening injuries.



A woman who lives in the 2-story home where the shooting occurred, but was not home at the time, told 7NEWS her husband heard someone break in through the rear of the home. He confronted the suspect, she said, and fired a shot when the juvenile lunged at him.

She also said it was by the "grace of God" that he survived.

Police held a road block in the area for about two hours after the shooting.

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