Police: Man with revoked license hits cop, arrested on traffic and drug charges

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A driver who lost his license was arrested Wednesday after he hit collided with a police car and was caught with drugs in his car, police said.

Officer Clarence Moore with the Colorado Springs Police Department said he was driving in a marked police car on North Academy Blvd., at Meadowland Blvd. just before midnight when another vehicle tried to turn in front of him and the vehicles collided.

Fortunately, the damage was minor and no one was hurt. However, while officers were investigating, they said they determined the other driver, 29-year-old Claudio Quintana, was driving with a revoked license due to a previous DUI.

"In accordance with standard procedure, the other vehicle was impounded," police said.

Investigators said during an inventory search of the vehicle, officers found methamphetamine packaged for distribution, along with marijuana.

Quintana was arrested on drug and traffic charges, police said.

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