Police: Man marries woman, takes $347K

AURORA, Colo. - Police say a man accused of stealing more than $300,000 from an Aurora woman he illegally married has been arrested in California.

Christopher Rodriguez, aka Christobal Humberto Rodriguez, is accused of marrying a 71-year-old woman in Las Vegas last year. However, police say he was already married at the time and still living with his first wife when he married the second woman.

Rodriguez and the victim continued to live separately after the marriage, police said.

The second woman and his first wife did not know about each other.

Investigators said Rodriguez met the victim in 2011 when he filed her taxes. He had portrayed himself as a businessman and financial advisor.

Police said the new wife gave Rodriguez $200,000 to become a major shareholder in his defunct business.

She opened a $95,000 IRA account for Rodriguez to buy securities for her but he depleted the account without buying securities, police said. He used  $21,000 paying back child support from another marriage in California, Aurora police said.

Rodriguez is also accused of stealing $52,000 more from the woman through credit cards and a vehicle refinanced loan.

Investigators said they have identified three other victims who were scammed out of $10,000 each.

Rodriguez reportedly told the victims that he would use the money to purchase Facebook stock during the company's IPO last year. The stock was never purchased, nor was Chris Rodriguez a licensed stockbroker, police said.

The wife Rodriguez was currently living with didn't know about his marriages nor his fraudulent activities, police said.

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