Denver Police: 4 kids taken to hospital after they were sickened by marijuana-laced cookies

DENVER - Four children were taken to the hospital on Saturday after Denver police said they were sickened by marijuana-laced cookies.

Denver police said a woman's boyfriend came to her house in northeast Denver on Saturday with a batch of raw cookies.

"The man baked the cookies and offered them to each child," police said. "They [the children] consumed part of a cookie and a short time later became ill."

The kids were taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation and treatment and were later released, police said.

Police said no one had been arrested as of Monday because investigators are continuing to gather evidence in the case.

Police said the boyfriend baked the cookies, but it is unclear if he made the dough or knew that there was marijuana in the dough.

Police said they are conducting interviews to see if they can prove there was intent or malice on the part of the boyfriend to give the child cookies containing marijuana.

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