Police chief orders more training for Denver officers after accidental shootings

DENVER - Denver Police confirm to 7NEWS and our news partner The Denver Post, its officers will undergo additional training after a series of accidental shootings.

The most recent case occurred inside an apartment building off High Street, when an officer accidentally discharged their gun.

Yet that's not the only recent case.

According to a 2013 report by the city's independent monitor, there has been a total of four cases involving accidental police shootings.

Two of the cases bring attention to a flashlight switch, housed under the gun's trigger.

In January 2013, an audit determined that "an officer accidentally pulled the trigger on his weapon instead of activating the flashlight switch."

In August 2013, a weapon was fired after an officer said "his finger slipped off the tactical light switch on the gun when he stumbled."

Since those incidents, Denver Police Department Chief Robert White issued a memo banning pressure light switches mounted below the triggers on service weapons.

"It's gotten to the point where I'm concerned about it," White told the Denver Post. "We're mandating additional training."

A police spokesperson says policies and training are always under review.

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