Police arrest 4 of the 5 suspects in brutal beating of man at Denver light rail station

4 suspects are juveniles

DENVER - Denver police say they have arrested four of the five suspects in the brutal beating of a man at a downtown light rail station last month.

Surveillance video of the 5-on-1 attack at the 30th and Downing Street station on the night of Sept. 18 drew national news coverage.

The video shows the group punching the 23-year-old man until he falls to the ground and then repeatedly stomping on him.

The victim was knocked unconscious in the assault and suffered head injuries, police said. The man was transported to Denver Health Medical Center for treatment and has been released.  The man told police he'd been robbed of his wallet, which contained about $600.

Police arrived at the station as the beating was happening, but all of the the attackers ran off. 

Officers arrested 18-year-old Daishawn Matthews a half-block from the station, police records state. He faces a felony robbery charge.

Denver police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez said police arrested a male juvenile suspect on Tuesday and a female juvenile suspect surrendered to police on Thursday. A fourth suspect, a male juvenile, is being held on an unrelated charge.

Police are still looking for the fifth suspect, another male juvenile.

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