Police: 5 girls have reported man offering money to watch him masturbate

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Police are trying to find a man who is asking girls to watch him masturbate.

The incidents started last month but the most recent occurred Tuesday.

Police said they got two calls on Tuesday afternoon, ten minutes apart, about a man who drove up next to a high school-aged girl said he was lost and asked for directions.

Both girls refused to help the man, police said.

"He then asked them if they wanted to 'make some money' and offered them $100 to watch him masturbate," police said.

Police said the first girl ran away.

The second girl on Tuesday told police she refused and walked away and the man pleading with her and offered her $200.

Police said the girl fled the area.

Police said the man never got out of his vehicle.

The suspect was described as a white man in his 30s, with dark brown or dirty brown hair wearing military-style camouflage including camouflage hat and chrome sunglasses in the second incident.


-- Previous incidents --

Police say Tuesday's cases were very similar to two incidents on April 28.

At 4 p.m. that day a man in a red pickup truck approached a girl and asked if she wanted to make $100 to watch him masturbate.
Police said it happened again around 5 p.m., but in that case, the man drove up to two girls.
This case is being investigated as Solicitation of Child Prostitution, police said.
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