Plans to rebuild Royal Gorge Bridge & Park approved by Canon City Council

CANON CITY, Colo. - The Canon City Council has approved a plan to rebuild shops and attractions at the Royal Gorge bridge. However, the new buildings will likely be smaller than the old buildings.

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park has been closed since a wildfire in June burned more than 3,000 acres in the area and destroyed 48 of the park's 52 buildings. The iconic bridge suffered minor damage.

According to KRDO-TV, plans approved Monday include smaller buildings because the original plans didn't fit the budget.

"We had to make some significant changes," said Royal Gorge Bridge & Park Vice President and General Manager Mark Bandera.

City Council's master plan includes visitor's centers on each side of the bridge, food court, train stations and platforms and a zip line, along with operational issues like a generator, water treatment equipment, landscaping, parking, etc...

Read the council's priority list:

Repairs are estimated at $25 to $40 million. Most of the costs will be covered by insurance.

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