Planned Parenthood sued by Colorado Springs woman who claims they did an abortion without anesthesia

Woman says parts of fetus left inside her body

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs woman has filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood claiming she was forced to have an abortion without anesthesia.

Ayanna Byer also claims that parts of the fetus were left inside her following the abortion. She filed a suit against Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and her abortion doctor on Feb. 6 in El Paso County District Court, KRDO reports.

The ABC affiliate reports that Byer says she was given an abortion-inducing drug, at Planned Parenthood in October 2012, according to court documents. During a later appointment, Byer was told that the drug wouldn't work because she was farther along than was previously thought.

Believing that she would receive anesthesia through an IV, Byer claims she was “pressured” to have an abortion immediately at the Centennial Boulevard location of Planned Parenthood, KRDO reported citing the court documents.

Byer says the medical personnel could not find a vein for the IV, and that the doctor proceeded with the abortion despite Byer’s request to stop the procedure.

Byer’s complaint alleges that she could “feel the full pain” of the abortion and remained “fully awake,” according to KRDO.

When Byer began to cry seven minutes into the procedure, the medical personnel stopped.

Still experiencing pain and bleeding two days later, KRDO reports that Byer went to Penrose Hospital. A doctor at the hospital performed an emergency dilation and curettage to remove “particles of the fetus” that remained inside Byer.

Byer offered no comment to KRDO Thursday night.

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