Pine tree stolen from neighborhood open space in Stapleton

DENVER - When residents in Stapleton woke up Wednesday, a tree was missing from a neighborhood park. Only the stump was left behind.

The eight or nine-foot-tall tree was growing in the Westerly Creek Park, in an area near the intersection of 25th Dr. and Beeler St. It was about ten feet from the road.

7NEWS checked and found that several trees have been stolen from Denver parks during past holiday seasons, despite the fact that it is illegal.

"Any time we are notified of any damage that's done to a tree, if we can identify who did it, we will work with them to fix it if it is fixable. If the tree is damaged beyond repair or destroyed, we will seek restitution for the full value of the tree," said Jeff Green, spokesman for Denver Parks and Recreation.

Aurora Parks and Recreation has no reports of stolen trees so far this year.

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