Peyton Manning RSVP's to fan's wedding invitation

DENVER - Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning RSVP'd to a South Carolina fan's wedding invitation and now she's going to frame it.

Anna Bozard, of Columbia, S.C., told ESPN she had been a Manning fan all her life, so she sent him a wedding invitation.

His RSVP arrived five weeks after it was due and three after the wedding, but had his "18" signature on it.  He also added "Best Wishes" to the RSVP.

"I always loved watching him and admired the wonderful person that he was," Bozard told ESPN. "Getting the response totally sealed my thoughts about him. He's a good-natured and good-hearted person."

Bozard said she thought there would be a one in four chance she'd at least be something back and she was thrilled with his personal RSVP.

"It has been a crazy couple of days, but in the most awesome way possible," Bozard told 7NEWS on Wednesday.

When Bozard's sister posted a photo of the RSVP on Imgur, one fan named OssoGrande posted, "This is why I love Peyton Manning. I'm not even a Denver fan...but I watch every Denver game for this dude.

In case you're wondering where Bozard sent the wedding invitation, she said she sent it to the stadium address listed on the Broncos' website.

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