Peyton Manning and other Broncos players not a fan of rocking cruise ship

JERSEY CITY, N.J. - For most of this week, the Broncos have been holding their news conferences on a cruise ship, docked outside the team hotel -- something Peyton Manning doesn't seem happy about, especially when the boat started swaying in the choppy waters of the Hudson River.

"Is this boat moving? Is this thing moving!? God dang!" Manning said at the beginning of his Wednesday morning news conference on board the Cornucopia Majesty cruise ship. It's docked just outside the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City.

When a reporter asked if there was something he wasn't prepared for this week, Manning responded, "I wasn't prepared for the rocking cruise ship. There's always a little wrinkle, I guess, that's added. Keeps you on your toes."

Other players have noticed the wobbling too.

"Can I feel it? I've been sitting here thinking about it until you walked up. I'm about to be sick," tight end Jacob Tamme told USA Today with a laugh when asked by a reporter if he felt it on the second floor of the three-floor ship. 

"I've been on boats before. I wouldn't call myself a boat person by any means. I've been out on the ocean," Tamme said. "But there's a certain queasiness that's overcoming me right now sitting here, swaying on the pier that is kind of strange."

"I feel like I'm going to throw up," Tamme told his teammates.

"Don't look out the window," Zac Dysert warned him.

"It's rockin' a little bit. I'm not exactly a fan of that," said Julius Thomas. "I didn't spend much time being out on boats as a young kid. I've been on a couple of cruise ships. But this is doing a little more rocking than those do."

The cruise ship is a non-factor in the big game, but some fans have expressed worry about it. Will the Broncos have sea legs? How come the Broncos are on a boat and the Seahawks have their news conferences inside the team hotel? (The Seahawks have been holding their news conferences at the Westin Jersey City.) What if some players can't get over their seasickness?

The Broncos have one more news conference onboard on the ship on Thursday, but the team wants to put 100 percent of their focus on Sunday's game.

"I really think it needs to take a step into higher gear, you know, starting today with our normal routine of practices on the field," Manning said.

His teammates agreed.

Now that the circus of the last few days is over, the Broncos want to make sure they are ready for the Seahawks.

"The only reason we got on that plane to come to a game. That's what we need to start focusing on now," Champ Bailey said.

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