People looking for free hens take the wrong chickens from Wellington farm

WELLINGTON, Colo. - Grant Farms is asking people to return chickens that were taken from the wrong end of the farm in Wellington Saturday.

Teresa Redmond-Ott with the Hen Again program said a Craigslist posting and part of a Coloradoan article about the adoption gave out the wrong address, directing people to the wrong side of the farm.

People took several Americana hens that were in buses on County Road 72.  Organizers say those hens belonged to someone else and were not up for adoption. They are asking anyone who took those hens to return them.

Grant Family Farms organized the adoption after owner Andy Grant said he was forced to kill 5,000 chickens and sell another 7,000 that he could not afford to feed before he filed for bankruptcy.

Grant said financers who loaned the farm $1.5 million assumed control of its finances and withheld funds from egg sales for feed. He says he did the most humane thing possible, killing the chickens before they starved.

More than a thousand chickens that were available through Grant Farms have been adopted, Redmond-Ott said.

Organizers collected donations, and say they will be going to Peaceful Prairie.

If you have any information about the chickens that were taken by mistake, Teresa Redmond-Ott can be reached at or by phone at (970) 218-5512.

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