Paula Broadwell calls General David Petraeus her "mentor" in Aspen speech recorded on video

Broadwell talks about her ethical responsibilities

ASPEN, Colo. - Video from the Aspen Institute has surfaced showing Paula Broadwell on stage during an Aspen security forum earlier this year.  In the video, on the Aspen Institute's website, she talked about her ethical responsibilities as a journalist when dealing with classified information as Petraeus' biographer.

"When I had access to everything it was my responsibility not to leak it, not to violate my mentor" said Broadwell as she sat with other journalists on the media panel in Aspen.  "I was writing about a very close mentor."

At another point in the video, Broadwell went on to talk about the significance of dealing directly with Petraeus. 

"I was entrusted with this opportunity to sit in on high level meetings with General Petraeus," said Broadwell.  "You can't get the full story in detail unless you go there and live it a little bit."

Petraeus resigned last week after acknowledging he had an affair with Broadwell.  The investigation is now widening.  The top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, is now in the spotlight.  According to ABC News, Investigators have uncovered thousands of what are being called "potentially inappropriate" emails between General Allen and Jill Kelley.  She's the woman who first sparked the investigation into Petreaus and Broadwell.

FBI officials plan to brief members of the house and senate intelligence committees, Wednesday.  Congress is demanding answers.  One of the major questions still surrounding the case; whether there was a political agenda behind the timing of its release.

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