Parents frustrated with one-sided anti-fracking performance

EVERGREEN, Colo. - Two young activist brothers from Boulder, sounding off on the dangers of fracking at Evergreen Middle School,  have angered some parents because of their one-sided message.

Part of the rap song's lyrics are, "They're fracking and they're cracking the Earth. Is the fracking destruction really worth endangering the future of our awesome planet, with all the children and the animals in it?"

The brothers were invited by an Evergreen Middle School teacher to share their message. However, the Jefferson County School District says the teacher never got permission from the principal, which is against district policy. The district released a statement that said, "We regret that students only heard one side of the fracking story."

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 13, told 7NEWS he and his brothers call themselves The Earth Guardians.

"Our song is called, 'What the frack?' It was a really powerful presentation. And the kids really loved it," said Martinez. 

But some parents did not. They expressed concerns about the one-sided message. The district told 7NEWS it plans to distribute pro-oil and gas literature to parents so they have information from the other side.

"I'm fighting for the future of all kids in Colorado," said Martinez. "What's in the air, what's in the water is going to affect us all."

Part of the rap also goes, "Natural gas isn't the way to go, because if they keep on fracking -- the Earth is gonna blow."

Hydraulic Fracturing is the controversial practice of using pressurized water to fracture the Earth in order to extract natural gas and oil. It's more widely used in horizontal and directional drilling. It's referred to commonly as fracing or fracking.


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