Olivia, Liam most popular baby names in Colorado in 2013; nationwide, Noah and Sophia take top spots

New state-level data from the Social Security Administration shows that Olivia and Liam were the most popular baby names last year in Colorado.

Olivia took the top spot back from Emma, which climbed into the No. 1 spot in 2012 while Olivia slipped into No. 3. Liam held on to the top spot from last year even though the number of baby boys receiving the name dropped from 354 in 2012 to 347 in 2013.

Noah was the second most popular boy's name in Colorado last year, followed by Jackson, Alexander and William. Elijah was sixth, followed by Logan, James, Benjamin and Mason.

For girls, Emma was No. 2, followed by Sophia, Ava and Isabella. Abigail, Mia, Emily, Avery and Evelyn rounded out the top 10.

Nationwide, Noah and Sophia were the most popular baby names last year.

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