Officers pull over and check commerical vehicles for safety violations; trucks fixed or towed

40 percent of trucks had safety violations

DENVER - Denver Police traffic officers pulled over trucks and inspected them for safety violations on Thursday.

The inspections revealed that 40 percent of commercial vehicles have safety violations. Violations ranged from bad log books and lights that did not work to problems with brakes and steering.

Officers pulled over trucks near Sports Authority Field at Mile High to perform the inspections. Vehicles with safety violations were fixed on the spot or towed.

“You have 40 percent of those trucks that could potentially have a safety violation,” said Sgt. Chris Hoag of the Denver Police Department. “They couldn’t stop as well as they should, or they couldn’t steer as well as they should, or they have a flat tire and that could injure and cause a possibly catastrophic accident.”

There are roughly 40,000 commercial vehicles on the roads in Colorado. Police said they conduct random inspections like this about twice a month at various places in the metro area.

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