Suspect dead in officer-involved shooting on CU Medical Center Campus in Aurora

AURORA, Colo. - A suspect was shot and killed by a campus police officer on the CU Anschutz Medical Center Campus.

Police said they had calls about a suicidal man in the hospital parking lot.  When they tried to contact the man, he took off in an SUV.

A short chase ended at the intersection of 16th Avenue and Quentin Street, where the suspect was shot.

"When someone's suicidal… you never know how they're going to act, what they're going to do when we contact them," said Sergeant Chris Amsler, public information officer for the Aurora Police Department. "So of course we always take extra precautions when dealing with people who are in crisis or suicidal."

The man was taken to the hospital 100 yards away where he died.

Police are investigating whether the man was armed or made any threatening actions, to determine why the officer fired at the suspect. They are also investigating how many shots were fired.

A witness said the suspect sped out of the parking garage.

"I was right there three cars away when it all happened. It was so scary I looked over and saw him break out the parking garage and I ducked behind my car when I heard the shots," she said. "That guy was just crazy he didn't care who he hurt when he flew through there."

The incident happened at 7 p.m. on the west side of the campus.

Police don't know why the man came to the hospital.

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