Northern Lights may be seen Thursday night as far south as Northern Colorado

DENVER - A strong solar flare pushed a geomagnetic storm toward Earth that could bring shimmering lights to the northern skies of Colorado.

"The northern lights are going to be really good for some of the northern US Thursday night," said 7NEWS meteorologist Matt Makens. "Thursday night (midnight to dawn) will be your best shot, if you are away from the city lights to look north for the aurora."

However, Makens warned that we may not have much of a show here in Colorado because of cloud cover for some and because Colorado is on the far southern end of the activity.

The auroral activity has remained just north of Colorado through Thursday afternoon, meaning you may need a very long exposure if you hope to capture any of the glow to the north...if you aren't covered by clouds that is.

You may notice your GPS acting oddly with this solar storm, too.  Earth will be clearing the solar radiation quickly Friday through the weekend.

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