Northern Colorado's first recreational marijuana store opens its doors in Garden City

GARDEN CITY, Colo. - Cloud Nine Caregivers opened Monday, becoming the first recreational marijuana store in northern Colorado.

The shop, which opened to medicinal patients in 2010 originally hoped to open January 1. When they opened Monday morning, there was already a line of a dozen people out front.

"I came at 10:30 and I had to wait probably an hour and a half," said Wesley Flood, who had never been in a dispensary before Monday.

At the front of the shop sit two receptionists who take names and hand out numbers. When a person's number is called, they are escorted to the back bar, where a dozen glass jars filled with different marijuana buds. Behind the bar is owner Erica Pilch, who spends time with each customer explaining the strains and costs.

"Just everybody in northern Colorado really showed up," Pilch said. "I think everyone is just excited to be a part of history."

7NEWS talked to several clients in line, most of whom were from in-state but did not want to drive to Denver to get marijuana.

"Here in northern Colorado we really didn’t have any place until today. It was kind of a hassle to make the trip to Denver, wait in those long lines," Caprice Sweatt said.

Sweatt has a red card but she left her medicinal card at home Monday to see what it was like to buy on the recreational side.

Cloud Nine Caregivers said they added security for its opening day and doubled its staff. The store was selling up to a quarter-ounce of marijuana. The average client buys a gram of weed, which is roughly $30 with taxes.

7NEWS checked with other medical marijuana stores in northern Colorado.  There are three others in Garden City expected to open this spring including Colorado Cannabis Care in February, LivWell in March and Natures Herbs and Wellness in mid-March. Choice Organics in Larimer County also plans to open in March.

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