Norovirus-like illness outbreak hits Legacy High School in Broomfield

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Legacy High School is working with the Broomfield Health Department to determine what caused an outbreak of a norovirus-like illness.

About 100 students from the school have come down with symptoms.

"When parents call their kids in we ask if they can to leave symptoms of children that are sick," explained Pat Hamilton, Executive Director of Operations for Adams 12 Five Star Schools. "We noticed that we had a number of students that had gastro-intestinal symptoms."

A letter sent to parents Wednesday night said, "In an effort to keep you informed about current health issues at Legacy High School, we would like to let you know that we have a high occurrence of suspected norovirus (or other viral gastroenteritis) at this time. Norovirus is a common virus which is very contagious, and usually runs its course within a few days."

The letter asked parents to keep their kids home for at least 48 hours after the symptoms disappear.

"We have very stringent cleaning measures in place all the time and then with these symptoms we've also stepped up cleaning efforts as well," said Hamilton. "We have a chemical we apply to surfaces in schools that is effective for norovirus that we use in the school."

7NEWS contacted Director of Broomfield Health and Human Services Debbie Oldenettel. She said there has never been a case in the past where the state health department has recommended a school close due to norovirus.

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