No flush order, limited water use order lifted for Sterling after Colorado flood hit treatment plant

STERLING, Colo. - The no flush and limited water use orders were lifted Monday for the city of Sterling.

The city's director of public works issued a statement Monday morning that said, "Due to tremendous efforts at the headworks facility last night, the NO Flush, Limited Water Use order for the City of Sterling has been officially lifted.  The patience and cooperation of our residents is immensely appreciated.  Thank you for bearing with us during this trying time!"

The no flush order was issued last week after flood water inundated the main pumps of the city's wastewater treatment plant.

The plant was so flooded, the Logan County Search and Rescue dive team was called in to transport public works staff by boat to the flooded pump station last Tuesday so they could study the problem.

The no flush order affected 14,725 residents along with businesses and schools. RE 1 Valley Schools in Sterling were closed Monday due to the flush ban.

Emergency Management officials said the city’s water supply was not compromised by the flood and that residents could drink the water during the limited use order, but residents were asked not to shower in it or release it down the sink drain. Again, that limited use order was lifted Monday.

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