No charges against 4th graders who brought pot to Greeley elementary school

School takes undisclosed administraive action

GREELEY, Colo. - Police said no charges will be filed in two marijuana incidents that occurred involving fourth graders at Monfort Elementary School in Greeley.

The school said it had already taken undisclosed administrative action regarding the students who admitted to bringing marijuana and marijuana-infused products to school on April 21 and April 22.

On April 21, a 10-year-old brought pot to Monfort and sold it to three other classmates on the playground for $11.

"He doesn't really know why he brought it to school. He took it from grandma, took it to school, decided to sell it (and) made a small profit," said John Gates, the director of safety and security for Greeley-Evans School District 6.

The next day, one of those students brought a pot edible to school and gave it to the 10-year-old who originally sold the pot.

"It was very small, what an adult would say is a bite of a candy bar, maybe. And the young man ate about half of it, so (he) took a small bite," said Gates.

The Greeley Police Department announced Monday that no charges would be filed, after the Weld County District Attorney's Office reviewed the cases.

"The school is handling this appropriately and with consequences and that’s where we believe the matter belongs," said Greeley Police Chief Jerry Garner. "The situation does not, in my opinion, merit giving a criminal record to a 10-year-old. The home situation in which the marijuana was obtained has been referred to Social Services for follow-up."

"The takeaway from all of this is that adults who choose to have legal marijuana or marijuana-infused products in their home are obligated to treat these things as they would firearms or alcohol and keep them secured from youngsters. We will review each case on its own merits and criminal charges will be filed for criminally negligent behavior," Garner said.

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