NFL: Broncos head coach John Fox said he had 'no doubt' he was close to death before heart surgery

Broncos head coach John Fox said he believed he was close to death after suffering from heart problems on a golf course in North Carolina more than a month ago.

"It was a scary time," Fox said Sunday in an exclusive interview with NFL Media's Michelle Beisner on NFL Network's "NFL Gameday Morning."

Fox was golfing during the bye week, near his off-season home in Charlotte, when he began to feel lightheaded. He described incomplete memories of taking a chip shot and a putt before lying down on the ground to fight off the feeling that he was going to pass out.

Fox said on "NFL Gameday Morning" that he experienced tunnel vision and was on the brink of death.

He had aortic heart valve replacement surgery early in November.

Fox returned to the Denver sideline Sunday against the Tennessee Titans after nearly a month off.

Fox has described his heart problem as a birth defect that was first diagnosed in 1997.

The issue, Fox explained, was a bicuspid aortic valve. Where normal people usually have three flaps, Fox has two.

Doctors advised Fox months ago that his defective aortic valve would require surgery.

Sunday Fox said he made a "very poor medical decision" to hold off on open-heart surgery and to continue coaching.

The Broncos coach told the NFL he is down 15 pounds to his high school weight of 185.

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