New policy for transgender student reviewed in Florence Penrose School District

FLORENCE, Colo. - The Florence-Penrose School District is reviewing a draft policy on privacy from attorneys who represent families concerned about their teenage daughters sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with a transgender female student at Florence High School.

The authors say the policy seeks to reconcile assertions of gender identity with constitutional privacy rights. The school district is refusing to release a copy of the draft report.

According to the Canon City Daily Record, several Colorado high school girls are alleging harassment because a transgender student is using the girl's bathroom.

The attorney for the three students, Attorney Matthew McReynolds, says allowing a "biologically teenage boy" in a girl's bathroom "is inherently harassing."

McReynolds sent a letter Oct. 10 to Re-2 School Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti and Florence High School Principal Brian Schipper.

Vendetti says school officials are working with the group to reach a resolution that ensures all students get a fair and equitable education.

Last year, the state of Colorado rules that a 6-year-old child who was born a boy, but identifies as a girl, could use the girl's bathroom at school.

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