New mobile apps help you avoid your ex

Anti-social media prevents unwanted encounters

DENVER - Trying to avoid your ex? There's an app for that.

Actually, two apps launched in the last two weeks to help you give people you want to avoid the slip.

Cloak and Split are both apps that map the positions of people you do not want to see by using that person's location updates and check-ins from other social media sites.

The founders of both mobile apps say the inspiration came from unwanted encounters with exes.

"The same night, I bumped into two of my ex-girlfriends," said Udi Dagan, the founder of Split. "It was a bad night."
His app uses check-ins on Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter to help track people users want to avoid and alert them if they are in close proximity.
"My co-founder Brian ran into his ex four times in one month," said Chris Baker with Cloak. "And we knew we had to do something."
Cloak scrapes Instagram and Foursquare to let you know where your friends and "frenemies" are at all times.
Baker said they are adding Facebook and Twitter next week.
Both founders respond to concerns about privacy and potential stalking by saying the information is already available on social media, they are just aggregating it.  
They both said their apps can be used for many other reasons than avoiding an ex, though, from not seeing co-workers on your day off to avoiding your parents on a first date.
But the information is only as accurate as the person you want to avoid's last update or check-in with their location.  
And the technology is still being perfected; Split's twitter feed said it is still working out some bugs.
Still, Cloak's tagline is "incognito mode for real life," and the two apps may be just the beginning of an "anti-social network."
"We've sacrificed a lot in terms of privacy online and to see it used for privacy in real life I think is an interesting thing," said Baker.
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