New Colorado gun laws take effect today: Gun rights activists plan civil disobedience events

Gun rights group plans magazine swap at Capitol

DENVER - Ammunition magazine limits and universal background check requirements are set to take effect in Colorado on Monday, even as county sheriffs fight to overturn the new laws in court.

But after months of tense debate among state officials, the signature pieces of Colorado Democrats' gun control legislation are moving from abstract to tangible.

Some gun stores already are stocking smaller magazines to comply with the 15-round limit. And in the coming months, the public will see how the expansion of background checks to private and online sales will work.

As for the sheriffs challenging the law, their next court date is July 10. They are seeking to temporarily block the magazine limit while their lawsuit proceeds.

A group of gun rights activists plan two events to defy the new state law, according to

The first of the two events dubbed “Magazine Swap at the Capitol,” urges people from Colorado and surrounding areas to buy, sell and swap magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. It is scheduled to take place at noon on Monday.

A second event is set for July 2 and encourages people to upload images and video to various social media outlets.

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