New 18th Judicial District DA ready to make big changes

DENVER - Republican George Brauchler is ready to make big changes inside the 18th judicial District as he takes office in January as the newly elected district attorney, having defeated Democrat Ethan Feldman. 

The former military prosecutor told CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia that the Aurora Theater Shooting case is a priority and will involve a deliberate process. 

"This isn’t a DUI, this isn’t even a homicide case, those are serious too, but this is one that the government may potentially seek to take the life of someone, that is a big deal, and a slow process is a better process," Brauchler said.

But Brauchler said the Aurora theater shooting case will not cause his office to lose sight of its overall mission.

"That has to be a focus of a new administration is not to be caught, getting distracted, by what is the biggest media case, not only in the state, but in the history of the country," he said. "At the moment there are tens of thousands of other cases that have victims and for each of those victims their case is the Holmes case, their lives have changed in some way," Brauchler said.

Outgoing District Attorney Carol Chambers had problems with law enforcement that created poor working relationships, and even animosity at times, something Brauchler hopes to change.

"I can tell you the benefits of having strong, open relationships with police and even the media. All of those things that can be very valuable to a district attorney and it seems like they don’t have the relationship they need to have right now," Brauchler.

He said that he will be taking office with a fundamental belief that best government is one that is transparent but always cognizant of the danger of releasing specific information that could prejudice a case.

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