Neighbors upset over Crown Hill Park proposed changes

Say will turn Open Space Park into Urban Park

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - For Jean McClenathen, Crown Hill Park is the jewel of Jefferson County.

“This is where you come to recharge your batteries,” she told 7NEWS.

She called the park a 240-acre oasis away from city life, something she said is about to change.

“They’re taking away our last oasis, it’s gonna be destroyed,” McClenathen said.

According to the Jefferson County website, the county plans $900,000 in park improvements this year.  Those plans include replacing outdated restrooms, upgrading trails, putting in shelters and building three nature places for kids, all funded by a voter approved Jefferson County half cent sales tax.

“To me, if we’re saving this for children, we ought to save the real thing so that they can truly experience what the natural world is like instead of through an unnatural environment,” said concerned neighbor, Jane Cole.

McClenathen said the County has been secretive and failed to notify neighbors about the changes to the park or give a timetable for the project.  This, she said, is why she’s been out in the parking lot, collecting signatures and distributing information.

“Can I tell you about what’s going on at Crown Hill?  We’re trying to save Crown Hill,” she said as she approached some park goers with her petition.

McClenathen hopes if she makes enough noise, the county will stop and listen.

7NEWS checked but couldn’t find any information about when construction is planned to start.  A call to Jefferson County went unanswered as it’s a holiday weekend and they are closed until Tuesday.

7NEWS found meeting minutes showing the County is pushing for changes to the park partly to get kids outside and active.  Those minutes also show the Jefferson County held an open house in May of last year for public input.  County members also posted fliers about the proposed changes and advertised in local newspapers.

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