Neighbors stunned as police remove dozens of computers, social security cards & body armor from apt.

Three arrested in theft ring bust

DENVER - Neighbors say their jaws dropped when Denver police raided an apartment near Interstate 25 and Evans Avenue last Friday, arrested three people, and then made trip after trip in to the apartment to remove 136 items which they believe had been stolen.

“It was just unbelievable,” said Carlos Gutierrez. “I couldn’t believe all that stuff was in the apartment.”

Investigators received a tip in late October that drugs were being sold in a fourth floor unit at 4490 E. Jewell Ave..  The tipster told police there was a stolen “Moped” style scooter in the living room, stacks of stolen televisions in a bedroom, stolen women’s purses and illegal narcotics.

Police executed a search warrant on Nov. 1, and arrested Gary Floriddia, Noah Graf and Jodie Howard.

Court documents indicate that officers recovered the Moped and much more.

They found suspected methamphetamine, suspected heroin, five social security cards, more than $1,000 cash, a .38-caliber handgun, body armor, televisions, power tools and computer after computer after computer.  Seventy five in all.  They also found an Aurora Public Schools security guard uniform.

Floriddia declined an on-camera interview, but told 7NEWS that the items removed by police belonged to Graf and Howard, his former roommates.

He said Graf and Howard ransacked his apartment after they bonded out of jail.

Drugs were apparently at the root of the thefts. Neighbors say they saw people frequenting the suspect’s apartment at all times of the day and that many of them appeared to be under age.

“I would say anywhere from 15 to 18 years old,” Gutierrez said. “They were very young, not old enough to be hanging out with an older person like that.”

Court documents indicate that Graf and Howard are also suspected of stealing a $65,000 pickup from Phil Long Ford.

Neighbors tell 7NEWS they saw several young people loading flat screen TVs into a new pickup in the apartment complex parking lot several days ago.

Floriddia, Graf and Howard are all facing charges related to drugs and theft.

Floriddia, whose name is on the apartment lease, is due back in court Nov. 19.

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