Neighbors receive racist letter targeting a homeowner near Five Points Saturday

'I'm afraid to go outside,' victim tells 7NEWS

DENVER - A neighborhood near Five Points is furious after at least two blocks of homes received a racist letter targeted at one long-time homeowner.

One neighbor contacted 7NEWS Saturday after she found a typed letter in an envelope outside her home.

It read, "the n***** at [a specific address] needs to hg [sic] go back to the ghetto theres [sic] no room for n******or jews in this area," signed "c.b."

7NEWS spoke to the homeowner targeted in the letter. She asked to remain anonymous but said she has lived in that neighborhood since the 1960s. She was not aware of the letter until Denver Police came to her home Saturday.

"Police came up and rang the doorbell. He asked me if I had been having any problems with the neighbors, I told him 'no.' He asked me if my kids have been having problems at school, I told him 'no.' He said, 'Well, has anybody bothered you?' I said 'no.' He said, 'Well I don't really want to show you this. I have a letter in my car that's been distributed among the neighborhood.' He took me out to his car and he was teary eyed, and I looked at it and I just broke down."

The homeowner was not the only person upset. One neighbor put posters on trees that read, "People of color have lived in this area since the 1900s! If you don't like it, leave!"

Sunday, four police officers could be seen going door-to-door in the area. Neighbors told 7NEWS the officers were notifying everyone of the letter and to be cautious.

Meanwhile, the homeowner, who is also a foster parent, is scared to leave her home.

"I keep the blinds shut, I keep my doors locked, I keep the gates locked. I don't let the kids go out on the porch anymore," she said. "If I let my kids in the door is somebody going to drive by and shoot them?"

The homeowner told 7NEWS she cannot think of anyone who could have written the letter. Denver police told 7NEWS they are investigating whether the letter is a possible hate crime.

Denver Police District 2 has asked anyone with information to call 720-913-1000. 

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