Nearly last of all the airlines, Frontier approves low-restriction use of electronics during flights

Get out your cell phone, tablet and laptop, travelers.

On Friday, Frontier Airlines officially approved use of personal electronic devices at all times during flights. The devices must be in "airplane mode," though, which means your mom is going to wonder what's taking you so long to play a word.

Frontier is one of the last airlines to approve this device use during all phases of flight. After the FAA announced in November that airlines could individually allow device use, JetBlue, Delta, United and U.S. Airways approved their flights for less-restricted electronics within weeks.

"We started the application process as soon as the FAA made the regulation change," said Kate O'Malley, a Frontier communication manager. "Some airlines were involved with the FAA in the development process, which is why they launched almost immediately."

Electronics were previously not allowed during air travel in order to prevent cell phone and other network signals from interfering with the plane operation.

"Prior to the new policy, customers were required to turn off and stow all electronic devices during taxi, takeoff, landing and when the aircraft was below 10,000 feet," said a press release from Frontier. "With the new policy, passengers flying with Frontier Airlines may utilize smart phones, tablets and other small electronic devices in airplane mode at any time during taxi, takeoff and during flight, unless otherwise instructed by a crew member."

However, travelers must still stow their laptop computers during taxi, takeoff and landing.

Frontier has been based in Denver for more than 60 years, including a new company launch in 1993.

So, the only different thing you can do now is not turn off your phone, iPad or computer before the plane takes off.  It's an almost unrestricted free-for-all to play games that don't require a data connection, work in programs that don't need internet access and watch movies and read e-books that already exist on your device. You can take a selfie or grab a photo of the person snoring on your shoulder with his mouth open. You can listen to music. And you can save your battery since your device won't be searching all over for network connections. 

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