National search & rescue dogs training at DIA

FEMA teams compete

DENVER - Concrete rubble piles on DIA property are being used by FEMA search and rescue teams to train and test disaster canines this weekend.

The search dogs and their handlers, from other states in the U.S., are using the rubble piles to simulate a building collapse and other disaster scenarios where a rescue dog may work. 

The FEMA Task Forces sending canine teams are: Utah Task Force One (UT-TF1); Ohio Task Force 1 (OH-TF1); California Task Force 6 (CA-TF6); California Task Force 8 (CA-TF8); New Mexico Task Force One (NM-TF1) and Colorado Task Force One (CO-TF1). 

The groups said they are thankful to DIA for allowing them to use such a realistic site.

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