Naked man repeatedly shocked by deputies with stun guns at Sonic Bloom Music Festival

GEORGETOWN, Colo. - A naked man was repeatedly stunned by deputies at the Sonic Bloom Music Festival in Georgetown over the weekend, and recordings of the incident were posted to YouTube.

A spokesman for the Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office refused to comment on whether the deputies involved used appropriate force, but supervisors are reviewing the video to decide.

In a 3 1/2-minute video captured on a cell phone by Michael Kroog, you can see the naked man lying in a ditch while authorities shocked him with stun guns repeatedly. Several upset witnesses circled around, screaming at the deputies. They can be heard yelling phrases like "Why?," "How can you sleep at night," and "That causes brain aneurysms."

"It went on for about 10 minutes before they finally got him away," said one witness who asked to remain anonymous, "and I think I left after about seven [minutes] because it's pretty hard to watch."

At the start of the video, a deputy is seen kicking the naked man. Seconds later, the first recorded shock of the stun gun is seen.

Two minutes in, paramedics come up in hopes of sedating the man. Still, the deputies keep going.

7NEWS reporter Lindsey Sablan asked of the Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office "Can you justify what your deputies did out there on Sunday?"

"Look, I don't have any information so I can't formulate, nor will I formulate until have all of it," replied Capt. Bruce Snelling.

"He wasn't assaulting the police officer but yet they repeatedly Tased him after he had been incapacitated," the anonymous witness says.

The Sheriff's Office disagrees with that description of events, saying the deputies had to use the stun gun and "arrest control tactics" to get the man under control. They claim he was combative before the cameras started rolling.

"I understand the opinion. I will tell you that not all the information is contained in that piece of video," Snelling said.

Both deputies are still on duty. They aren't being identified, but one of them has been a deputy for one year while the other has been a deputy for 2 1/2 years.

At this point, charges are pending against the man.

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