Multiple crashes close lanes on I-70 near Havana

DENVER - Eastbound Interstate 70 at Central Park Boulevard reopened at 8:08 a.m. on Friday morning after multiple crashes forced officials to close the highway.

Denver police spokeswoman Detective Raquel Lopez said eastbound I-70 traffic had slowed and one vehicle couldn't stop in time and it rear-ended another vehicle that flew out of control, covering 600 feet and striking other vehicles. At least six vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction collision.

One person was transported to a hospital with injuries that appeared to be serious, Lopez

7NEWS Traffic reporter Jayson Luber said the problems began with the broken down semi-truck on the eastbound side of the highway near Peoria.

"The right lane and right shoulder were tied up," Luber said.

When traffic backed up, the first crash happened in the backup near Havana, Luber explained.

Curious drivers on the opposite side of the highway started slowing down and that caused the crashes on the westbound side of the highway between Havana and Peoria streets.

Luber said at 6:50 a.m., the original stalled semi-truck was out of the way, but officials were still dealing with the resulting accidents. They closed the highway around 7:10. It reopened an hour later.

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