Mudslide splits Boulder office building in half, leaves about 10 feet of mud behind

BOULDER, Colo. - Business owners returned to a Boulder office complex Sunday to continue recovering what they could after a powerful mudslide split a building in half and left several feet of muck behind.

Before Thursday, Boulder Creek was just north of the office complex at 100 Arapahoe Ave. Now, water flows around fallen trees just feet from the buildings.

Therapist Kate Kellett was at the complex Sunday afternoon, collecting some of her things. She said she was lucky that her office was mostly intact.

"There was a wall of water and mud that came and split this building in half," she said, pointing.

"It's just luck that nobody was in the building when it happened."

Meanwhile, construction equipment was working to scoop up the ten feet of mud and piles of fallen trees that still remain.

Kellett commented that the mudslide had destroyed a landscape she had valued.

"This was a very sacred, safe place. We used to see deer running around the hills up here. A mountain lion and her baby right out here. Foxes. This was a special place and I don't know how it's going to be renovated. It's a mess."

"I was absolutely stunned. I was absolutely stunned. If you look at this building, it was such a beautiful, serene setting. And to see what happened was beyond imagination," said property owner Bob Drake.

Drake said he didn't have flood insurance on the property because it wasn't in the floodway. Ironically, he added, the neighboring insurance office wasn't insured either.

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