Mountain View Firefighters rescue 800-pound stuck pig

MEAD, Colo. - Who ya gonna call when your pig gets stuck in a hole?

How about Mountain View Fire?

On Saturday, Henry, a 800+-pound boar, and a smaller 200-pound pig, fell into an 8-foot trench at One Badger Farms in Mead.

The trench was part of a geothermal project to heat a nearby barn. Abbott said the hole was covered with plywood, but Henry moved the covering.

"[We] got the little pig out quick," said farm owner Ethan Abbott.

However, Abbott and a farm hand couldn't budge Henry.

"[We] pulled with pickup truck, with straps, not getting anywhere," Abbott explained.

The Sheriff showed up and called animal control. Animal control showed up, but didn't have any ideas. So Abbott decided to go to the local fire station.

"I've seen firefighters deal with trenches," said Abbott. "They know how to get people out of holes."

Abbott got in the hole and pushed, while the firefighters pulled from above.

And suddenly, Henry was out of the trench and running around the barn yard.

The firefighters also went running.

"They were scared when he came out of the hole, because of all the noise he had been making," Abbott said.

"It wasn't pretty, but Henry wasn't hurt," the farm owners posted on Facebook.

Henry has lived with the Abbotts for three months. He came from a petting zoo. The Abbotts took in Henry to bred him and to use him in an ambassador program to introduce children to farm animals.

Henry is quite a character.

"Can't keep him penned up," Abbott said. Instead, Henry roams the barn yard.

"Me and him have a level of respect, he pushes everyone else around," said Abbott.

By the way, if you want to calm Henry down, Abbott says there's a simple trick.

"You give him Dr. Pepper," said Abbott.

Watch the video of Henry's rescue below:


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