Mother's cell phone video captures hit-and-run skier injuring her son at Eldora

8-year-old suffers broken leg

AURORA, Colo. - Cell phone video shows a man cutting off an 8-year-old skiing at Eldora, causing him to fall and break his leg.

It was not the birthday present little Joseph Le hoped for.

"It's the painfulest," he told 7NEWS.

Le broke his leg while skiing a green run at Eldora Mountain Resort on his birthday on March 28. What's more troublesome than the injury is how it happened.

"When he hit me, it felt like the wind," Le said.

Video shot by Le's mom on her cell phone shows him skiing down the mountain when suddenly another skier cut him off and ran into him.

"I thought someone just, like, got a pole and then scraped my ski and then I just fell all of the sudden," Le said.

"He just disappeared and left my son laying there until we both came out," Le's mom, Esther,  told 7NEWS.

Le's parents said they are not as troubled by what the video caught as much as they are by what it did not.

"When I saw the video, I couldn't sleep for a few days because I was just thinking, 'He's just a little kid. Why (did) you not stop and check and see how he's doing,'" Esther Le said.

Le's parents said he may need surgery to fix his leg, but the man in the video needs a lot more work than that.

"Say sorry to me," Le said.

7NEWS checked the Skier's Responsibility Code and it indicates that the downhill skier always has the right of way. 

Colorado law requires individuals involved in skier vs. skier collisions to stop at the scene, render aid and to give their name, local address, permanent address and identification.

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