Grandmother leaves last set of Christmas gifts for family

PARKER, Colo. - A mother and grandmother who passed away during the summer left her family one last set of Christmas gifts that arrived in Colorado on Christmas Eve.

Lynn Udrasols was sick for nine years before she passed away in July in Indiana.

"I think she knew last Christmas that it wouldn't be long until she went to heaven," said daughter Cyndi Moon.

While Lynn was hospitalized that last time, Cyndi's sister found a box in a corner of their mother's bedroom. Inside were gifts for Cyndi, her sister, her sister-in-law and all the grandkids.

"My sister mailed them to us a couple of weeks ago, but they did not arrive until the night of Christmas Eve," said Cyndi. "I was scared that someone had taken them, but we were surprised on our way to church and found them."

The gifts were a surprise to Cyndi's children -- 11-year-old Zach, 8-year-old Brandon and 7-year-old Mason.

"As soon as my kids opened their gifts, they began smelling them.  The presents smelled just like my mom's house and they found comfort this Christmas by something as simple as a smell," said Cyndi. "It was more than just a gift, it was a little piece of her on our first Christmas apart."

Cyndi said she's sure her mom is in heaven dancing with Elvis.

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