Mother Heather Surovik, others turned in petitions to get Brady Amendment on 2014 ballot

DENVER - A mother is hoping Coloradans will vote on the so-called "Brady Amendment" next year.

In July 2012, Heather Surovik was eight months pregnant when a repeat drunk driver slammed into her car. Heather survived, but her unborn son Brady did not.

The driver, Gary Sheats, pleaded guilty to vehicular assault and driving under the influence. However, he was not charged with vehicular homicide because under Colorado law a fetus is considered a part of the mother until born.

Brady was eight pounds, two ounces.

Surovik and other supporters of the Brady Amendment turned in petitions this week for a ballot measure that if passed, would direct state lawmakers to add "unborn human beings" to state criminal code.

Colorado lawmakers rejected a similar proposal during the 2013 legislative session. Many lawmakers saw the bill as a roundabout way to pass a "personhood" law in Colorado.

Abortion-rights advocates say the ballot measure goes too far. They say the criminal code could curb abortion rights and some infertility treatments.  

The secretary of state has 30 days to determine whether enough signatures were turned in to put the question on 2014 ballots.

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