Monkey escapes enclosure at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Eva took in the sun for an hour before recapture

COLORADO SPRINGS - It might have just been the allure of some sunshine.

Whatever it was, Eva the 7-year-old howler monkey got out of her enclosure Saturday afternoon before being recaptured by staff at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

“She decided it was too nice of a day to stay inside," said zoo spokeswoman Jennifer Hillard.

Hillard said Eva has only been living t the zoo for a few months. She also said Eva is smaller than normal howler monkeys.

Eva was with other monkeys in the monkey pavillon, an outside patio enclosure, when her escape ocurred. Hillard said Eva pulled back some mesh on the enclosure and was able to squeeze through.

Some zoo visitors spotted Eva outside and immediately alerted zoo staff, Hillard said.

“She went up to the roof and did some sunbathing," Hillard said.

Eva was eventually captured by staff and returned to her enclosure.

"She's cuddling with her mate right now," Hillard said.

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