Missing driver who made a wrong turn, got stuck in a field found safe

CHEYENNE COUNTY, Colo. - Aerial search teams found a man who had been missing since Sunday when his truck became stuck in a field on the Eastern Plains.

A Colorado Civil Air Patrol (CAP) plane found 66-year-old Clark Nelson in a remote area of Cheyenne County Tuesday and relayed the coordinates to crews on the ground.

Nelson is OK, according to Lt. Col. Mike Daniels with CAP.

Nelson was driving from Kansas to Colorado went he called 911 Sunday night saying he made a wrong turn and was stuck in a field. He had run out of gas.

Nelson's black Chevy Tahoe doesn't have OnStar or Lo-jack and the man's cellphone isn't GPS-enabled, but authorities said cell phone forensics played a huge role in narrowing down the search area.


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