Owner reunited with wedding ring after seeing 7NEWS post

ARVADA, Colo. - An Arvada man was reunited with his wedding ring after a group of kids found the gold band at Van Arsdale Elementary school.

"We thought this was a goner," said the ring's owner, Sean Best.

Cole Osburn and his siblings found the gold band on Tuesday while playing on the playground at the school.

"I'm like, 'Oh wow, I found a ring,'" Osburn said.

They noticed it had a wedding date inscription on the inside and an Irish prayer on the outside so his mom took it home and posted the picture to the 7NEWS Facebook page.

"Looks like it’s been there for awhile, because it’s beat up," mother Sarah Osburn explained. "It kind of feels like it got run over."

It turned out Best lost the ring while working out at the playground two weeks ago, he had been searching for it ever since.

"We took a metal detector over to Van Arsdale, we looked for it, asked all of our neighbors, posted on Facebook, you can’t believe it’s gone," Best said.

On Wednesday afternoon his wife called him with the good news.

"She’s in tears, she’s like they just posted on the Denver Channel that the ring has been found," Best said.

Best said his wife's mother bought him the wedding ring 18 years ago.  The timing couldn't have been better as his anniversary is just two weeks away.

"This is a ring of a lifetime, I mean we got married eighteen years ago," Best said.

He gave the kids $200 for their big find.


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