Medicaid patients warned of security breach involving their names, address, dates of birth, more

DENVER - Medicaid patients are being warned that their personal information may have compromised.

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing said Friday that client information was sent from a work email address to a personal email address by a temporary employee of a contractor, the Colorado Community Health Alliance (CCHA). 

"The list may have been sent for the employee’s personal use in a separate business," officials said.

Officials said the information did not include social security numbers, but did include names, dates of birth, address and protected health information of 1,918 clients. 

The email was sent on Nov. 21, 2013 and discovered during an audit on Nov. 22.

Officials said they took immediate steps to terminate the employee.

Colorado Medicaid said it is notifying impacted clients by mail.

Clients who have questions can visit or call CCHA at 1-855-627-4685.

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