Mayor Hancock wants 10 new officers to patrol LoDo, 16th Street Mall in Denver

Cops to deal with transients, pot smokers, drunks

DENVER - Under fire from angry Ballpark neighborhood business owners and residents, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is delivering on a promise of more downtown police officers and other efforts to clean up the area.

Hancock and police officials say a proposed increase in downtown policing would help address long-standing problems connected to the homeless and, beyond Ballpark, public pot smoking and late-night Lower Downtown revelers.

Hancock has asked the City Council for $1.8 million "to immediately address increased demands and current issues" in Denver Police District 6, which covers downtown.

The money would cover 10 new officers to add to 34, including homeless outreach officers, who already work in lower downtown, on the 16th Street Mall and in the Ballpark neighborhood.

Read more about what Denver's Public Works Department is doing to help clean up the area: